Welcome to Grace’s Word


I’ve been thinking lately how the “Word” is leading the “World” to danger: people nowadays don’t read due to their daily surcharged schedule or simply because they think that reading is so boring. I totally understand both reasons but I’m not totally convinced since reading has never been holding negative results. Can you imagine a World with no words? I mean words are a way to express ourselves, a way to teach and learn, a way to communicate… Wars can begin with one simple word but peace can also take place with one word. YES, words are that powerful but lots of people don’t really understand the worth of letters they’ve been learning since they met the World.

Since everyone is busy with technology and especially social media platforms that have both bright and dark sides, I chose to take the bright side and create my own blog so I can communicate with the World and share not only my words, ideas and experiences but also information and tips related to our different lifestyles.

My blog is dedicated to women around the world, and that’s why you will find a category named “Wonder Women” where I will be sharing with you, monthly, stories and biographies of successful women from different ages, races, religions, countries and fields because I believe that women are precious creatures with many potentials and the World doesn’t seem to be appreciating their tremendous effort.

Grace’s word will lead you into latest trends in fashion’s world and beauty, in technology and social media, you will find lots of tips on how to stay healthy and enjoy your fitness journey, and we will also travel together to different countries and discover their traditions, foods, famous tourist attractions and more! So stay tuned and…

À la prochaine!


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