5 makeup mistakes that make you look older

Makeup can really do miracles when it comes to making your skin look well-nourished and covering up some skin imperfections like acne. It can surely also bolster your self-confidence by highlighting your best facial features. But, have you ever noticed that sometimes it can actually make you appear older?

Here are 5 mistakes that can add years to your appearance. Make sure you avoid them and try to choose the right makeup strategies.



  1. Foundation faux pas:

Drier skin is common as you age, so you better use a liquid or cream foundation, or even a tinted moisturizer, instead of a powder foundation which can make your skin look flaky. Even if you’ve been using the same shade of foundation for many years, don’t forget to check for a better match or formulation occasionally. Be careful, if you apply your foundation too heavily, it can settle into fine lines and highlight your imperfections!


2. Overusing mascara on the lower lashes: 

Using mascara to touch up those lower lashes will shift everyone’s attention to the wrinkles around your eyes. Even if those wrinkles are small, thick mascara will make them stand out!


3. Applying dark eye shadows the wrong way

Do not apply shadows over the whole lid area! This will make you look older. The right thing to do is to only dab the outer corners of your eyes. Also, using metallic and bright eye shadow can really age you if your eyelids aren’t as taut as they once were (and that’s normal). These kind of shadows can enhance and draw attention to wrinkles and fine lines in this area.


4. Overdoing lip liner and selecting the wrong lipstick tone:

Using lip liner pencil is essential for successful makeup. But going too far outside your lip’s natural line, will get your lip color caught in the fine. Always shade the lining in the direction of center of the lips. When it comes to choosing the lipstick tone, make sure that you’re selecting the right one. This season, don’t be afraid to try saturated colors. But, if your lips are naturally narrow, you should avoid using dark-toned lipsticks. Dark colors are likely to make your lips look even thinner!


5. Applying blush incorrectly and choosing it’s wrong color:

Brushing on blush too far below the cheekbone makes you look jowly. Instead of concentrating it on the apple of your cheek, brush it up along the cheekbone, using the center of your eye as a guide for your starting point. Take care to apply lighter tones of blush, such as pale pink or peach. Using mellow and natural tones will make your face look younger and give it a romantic glow!


À la prochaine!



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